USA / S3 MAY-AUG 2019

Wills Brewer is an American artist based in Los Angeles. He works in ceramics focusing mainly on sculpture. Which is based in an interest in artifact and the extent of human interaction with the surface of the planet. 

The intentional or unintentional histories humans create by manipulation of the nature world and perceived value placed on resulting places and objects. During his time at Third Base he will be exploring and experimenting on incorporating local materials and forms into his work.

While at Thirdbase Wills work was based on experimentation with local materials and form. Through Working with Portuguese terra cota, stone and taking inspiration from different architectural and archeological sites and symbols in Portugal such as the dolmens outside Évora, Wills works ventures into new measure and exercise, creating a series of sculptural objects. 

The raw nature of the series contrasts in its contemporary yet ritualistic forms and a somewhat ancient nature.
During the residency Wills also developed work in collaboration with Jonathan Michael Ray, sharing a vision between memory and affinity for a modern interpretation of archeology.