adriana proganó

S5 JAN-JUN 2020

Adriana Proganó was born in
Born in Luzern, Switzerland in 1992. Currently living in Lisbon, she graduated ESAD in visual Arts and later Painting studies in Accademia di Belli arti di Venezia and Postgraduate studies in visual arts.


“I guess my work sometimes goes trough elements, I mean, I make a painting based on an object or idea that I fancy at the moment, for example, today, I feel very attracted to water bottles, I have no specific reason, I just like the format and the colors and the idea of it, today I feel like it’s a good idea to paint a water bottle.

Maybe my spirit is attached to different things on different days.

A lot of days, I noticed, I feel very captivated to paint fruit trees, specially pear trees, I just think it would feel nice to paint that. It happens a lot. There is certainly an energy that pushes me into painting what I am painting, It isn’t one reason alone. Does this make sense?

What I made while in the Thirdbase, It doesn’t have one single reason, it’s a mixture of decisions based on things I am attracted to, or was.

Those paintings came from drawings I made during quarantine, so maybe they talk about the feelings I was getting while going through that weird time. Not that necessarily bad feelings, there were a lot of good feelings. And love. And Jumping.