S4 OCT DEC 2019

Lou Buche and Javier Rodriguez are both graphic designers and artists. They met in 2017 in their Master studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie from Amsterdam. 

They quickly became ROBUCHE, a character born from the fusion between these two forces. Robuche’s work can be trademarked by his wit, playfulness and boyish honesty. Simple ideas are embraced by an energetic visualization and are executed as large painting, posters, typefaces, video installations or performances. Robuche is a quick thinker and gives form to his ideas in unconventional ways.

 He wants to create a strong confrontation by manipulating the digital while using the analog, and vice versa. Joy plays a very big role in his creation process, and thus is very much connected to empirical, simple experiences, which are embodied in multiple layers, creating endless, fictional landscapes and characters.

Our second residency took place at Thirdbase, in Lisbon,and lasted three months. It was the first time for us that we were given space, time and money to keep on exploring and experimenting with our work. 

Needless to say that, at our very young career, it gave us lots of keys of understanding our practice. It was then the occasion for us to develop and go more in depth with painting, but also to dedicate energy towards lots of other mediums such as clay sculptures, engraved plexiglass objects, graphic novels, mural paintings… 

Contrary as what we imagined, the time we spent working in the studio took over most of the rest of the activities we planned initially in this city. Due to the vast space and the financial ease given in this process, it considerably helped us to develop something that was until then quite shy in our practice : the beginning of a narration. Through this intense and daily work, our skills matured and quickly gave birth to stories within our own paintings. We kept on following small rules or restrictions in the tools, while often emancipating and escaping from them during the process, giving unpredictable outcomes.