Pauline Muller

fr / S3 MAY-AUG 2019

Pauline Muller-Ullmo graduated from Central Saint Martin’s in 2016. 

She established her artist studio in Paris where she has been studying the creative process of social product/images, more especially landscapes. 

Through her research she learned that landscapes are imbued with social matters of self-identification, self-appropriation; but most importantly they are the primary way we anchor ourselves in the world we are settled in.


Muller-Ullmo’s interest lays in the visions one experiences through the act of reminiscing. Reliving a memory triggers a synesthesic state of mind where feelings translate into images, abstract colours, that compose one’s personal collection. This synesthesia is often reached after the complete abandon of sleep.

Traveling may be the situation when one consciously accumulates the most memories. In the same way the hotel’s bedroom turns into the theatre of reminiscence, the turntable of nocturnal transfers.

The mystic held by the altar-piece bestows tension for multiple stories. 

The object conveys possibilities of narratives braided by the inhabitance of the room, one’s selection of memories and the artist’s interpretation of a story. The possibility of its movements invites the occupant to partake in the appropriation of the room, investing the scene for one’s diurnal conversions.