TUR / S2 JAN-APR 2019
Mustafa Boğa is an artist based in the UK and Turkey. He completed his masters degree in 2016 from Central Saint Martins in London after studying for an MA in Fine Art as well as previously obtaining a masters degree from Greenwich University in London in Cinematography and Post Production.
His work deals critically (but also humorously) with issues such as gender, national identity, militarism, masculinity and sexuality. His work covers a range of different media including photography, video, printmaking, installation and performance.


Mustafa Boga’s work examines the differences between art and documentary and how contemporary multimedia manipulates our understanding of current affairs. Mustafa is interested in the boundaries that separate the viewing of events as a witness and his desire to tell stories. 

During his residency at Thirdbase Mustafa developed a series of textile collage pieces entitled “The landscape of Perpetual Flags”. For this series Mustafa researched and drew inspiration from flags of different countries and objects from Portuguese folk culture as a means of describing a nation as a whole. Discovering a new place, story or idea implies a change of expectation and point of view. Mustafa tries to achieve a series of compositions that challenge context, while combining colours, patterns and shapes with images from nature; drawings of traditional objects from both rural and urban areas of Portugal with objects that are connected to colonial relationships that underpin people’s cultural history.

Currently, as a society, people think a lot about their political identity and sovereignty. These flags contradict the nationalism associated with flags by incorporating images which celebrate the multiculturalism brought by immigration.