every me

collective exhibition

Exhibition curated by artist in residence Mustafa Boğa, hosted and presented at Thirdbase-studio.

Every Me is an art residency curated by Mustafa Boğa in Adana, Turkey once a year. In 2018 a group of artists were invited to attend the residency for the second time. Most of the artists had never been to Adana before and came from different backgrounds.

The residency was a collaboration between local life and visiting artists and examines how experiences that come from culture, education, lifestyles, and religion can be explored and interpreted through visual and expressive language.

The residency focused on ‘Self Portrait’ and encouraged participants to reflect on how their behaviours change when living in unfamiliar cultures, and how this impacts on their sense of identity.

ARTISTS : Adam J. B. Walker – Catarina Cubelo – Çağlar Tahiroğlu – Müge Yıldız – Nicola Lorini – Nina Johanne Krogh – Samuel Ivan Roberts