Alice dos reis

PT / S6 Aug-Oct 2020
Alice dos Reis is an artist living and working between Amsterdam and Lisbon. She holds a Masters in Fine Art from the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam and has exhibited, read and published widely in galleries, institutions and film festivals across Europe, the U.S. and Australia including EYE Film Museum (Amsterdam), 5th Istanbul Design Biennale, MAAT Museum (Lisbon), Display (Prague), Serralves Museum for Contemporary Art (Porto), Seventh Gallery (Melbourne), Galerie InSitu (Paris) and Gallery Lehmann + Silva (Porto). She’s had her films featured on platforms such as Vdrome and Museum of the Moving Image (NY). Broadly, her work looks at encounters between human and more-than-human agents in biopolitical systems.


Alice dos Reis opens her studio, showcasing a group of processual works thought, and made specifically for a hotel room environment. Having worked in the past three months between the writing of a film script and these objects, together they allowed for both material and conceptual experiments for future works, dealing with critical and alternative cosmological ways of thinking and relating to outer space.